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Title Garden Art Stands

The Garden Art Stands are made from mild steel which has developed a unique rust patina.


Apple: 350mm high and 250mm wide

Cockatoo: 260mm high x 200mm wide

Kookaburra: 255mm high x 300mm wide

Magpie 2: 180mm high x 240mm wide

Magpie: 220mm high x 280mm wide

Owl: 260mm high x 200mm wide

Pear: 350mm high x 250mm wide

Pumpkin: 280mm high x 300 wide

Rosella: 260mm high

Sitting Koala: 335mm high x 350mm wide

Wombat: 300mm high x 480mm wide




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Published On 17 Dec 2019 3:20 PM