Concrete sleepers - installation guide

Our sleepers are so easy to install you won't believe it - do it yourself or ask for help with our installation techniques. With a wide range of installation options including modular posts, we are bound to be able to give your project the look you want.


Step 1
Place a peg at each end of where you would like to build your retaining wall and connect them using a string line to help keep your wall aligned. Holes should be dug with the center being approx. 10mm more than the length of the sleeper. For example if you are using 1750mm sleepers the hole centres should be approx. 1770mm apart.
Step 2
For a one metre high retaining wall, the post holes should be dug at a depth of approx. 1400mm. Concrete the posts into the holes, starting at one end and progressing to the other end, but make sure you do not overfill the holes - there should be no less than 1000mm of post above the hole.
Step 3
Use a spirit level to make sure all of your posts are aligned with the string line, and recheck the distance between your posts (20mm longer than your sleepers, 10mm excess on each end). The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of wood or plumbing pipe to the exact length you need.
Step 4

Once the concrete has been set around your posts (normally takes a day or two), place your first sleeper between the posts. You will need to measure the remaining distance between the top of your first sleeper and the top of your steel posts, making sure you are leaving room to get all of your sleepers in and have them to finish flush with the top of your posts (you can always cut the steel post if they are too long).

If you need to you can pack extra gravel/dirt under the bottom sleeper to raise it to the correct height.

Once you have the bottom sleepers set correctly you can add the rest of them on top to create your retaining wall.

Step 5

Once your retaining wall has been created it is recommended that you line the back of the wall with a plastic membrane.

It is also recommended that you place Ag pipe or strip drain at the base of the retaining wall covered in gravel to allow for correct drainage behind the wall.

NOTE: It is advisable to leave your footings to set for at least 7 days prior to back filling, and only use clean fill (NO LARGE ROCKS).

If heavy machinery is being used for the back filling DO NOT COMPACT fill closer than 0.75 of the height of the wall or you may damage your footings.