FAQs on concrete sleepers


Q. How long will the concrete sleeper last?
A. Concrete sleepers last a lifetime. They are fireproof, will not split, warp, flake or rot, and are white ant/termite safe. They are maintenance free and will never have to be replaced.
Q. How difficult is installation?
A. Concrete sleepers are easy to install and are assembled without nuts, bolts or screws. Ask your local supplier for installation guidelines.
Q. What about painting?
A. The colour is right through the concrete, not just painted on the surface. This means that they will never need painting.
Q. How heavy are the concrete sleepers?
A. Our 60mm concrete sleeper weighs approx. 45kgs.
Our 80mm concrete sleeper weighs approx. 65kgs.
Q. What size are the concrete sleepers?
A. 2 inch 1750mm long x 190mm high x 60mm wide (approx. size)
3 inch 1750mm long x 200mm high x 80mm wide (approx. size)
Q. Are the concrete sleepers reinforced?
A. Yes, all concrete sleepers are steel reinforced to engineer specifications.


The interlocking 1 and 2 corner/ joiner posts are in colours to match the sleepers and are ideal for garden edging, borders, veggie gardens, sand pits, raised garden beds and for construction of small retaining walls.