Concrete sleepers

Concrete sleepers are innovative in design with the natural look of timber, but produced with the durability of reinforced concrete guaranteed to last a lifetime by the manufacturer. Whether you want to construct a garden edge, vegie garden or sandpit using the interlocking modular posts or a retaining wall up to 3 metres in height, you can choose from a range of colour in woodgrain finished sleepers to suit every need.

Concrete sleepers are made using 25mpa rated concrete with steel deformed bar reinforcing and colour oxides mixed thoroughly through each sleeper. Guaranteeing a stronger and longer lasting finish that won't fade in the sun.


Maintenance free with a lifetime guarantee

If your next landscape project includes a new retaining wall, garden borders or edging, steps, feature walls, etc. here's how you can easily:

  • Save money and time
  • Add value to your property
  • Cut maintenance down to zero
  • Avoid termites

Installation guide

Click here to view a step by step guide on how to install concrete sleepers.

FAQs on concrete sleepers

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